Tablet on Bidston Windmill

These are the words engraved on the tablet on the side of Bidston Windmill.

The land, including the woods
surrounding this windmill, containing
(with the adjacent piece of land known
as Thermopylae) about 90 acres was
purchased from R. C. de Grey Vyner
during the years 1894 to 1908
at a cost of £30,310. Of this sum
the Corporation of Birkenhead
contributed £14,625 and £15,685 was
raised by public subscription.
A portion of the land, viz:- the eastern
wood, containing 22 acres, was
purchased as a memorial to the late
Edmund Taylor, of Oxton, in recognition
of his great services in connection
with the acquisition of Bidston Hill
for the benefit of the public.
The land belongs to and is maintained
at the expense of the Corporation of
Birkenhead, but according to the deeds
of conveyance it must always be used
as an open space and place of public
recreation, and must be preserved and
maintained as far as possible in
its present wild and natural condition,
special care being given to the
preservation of the trees, gorse, heath
and heather and also of this windmill.
Bye-laws have been made
and a keeper and assistant appointed
to see that they are observed.
The public, for whose enjoyment alone
the land was secured, are invited to aid
in preserving it from fire and damage.

Tablet on Bidston Windmill
Tablet on Bidston Windmill