Developer withdraws

Yesterday afternoon a meeting took place between campaigners and a representative of Magenta Living, NERC‘s preferred bidder for the leasehold of the site. Following the meeting, Magenta Living have released this statement:

“Magenta Living met with local residents and listened to their concerns over a potential affordable housing development on the site of the former Proudman Research Centre. Following this we decided to withdraw our interest in the site and wish the community all the best with their plans for the area.”

For our part, we thank Magenta Living for listening to us and we wish them success in finding locations better suited to their vision, which is to provide homes and build communities where all can thrive.

We’d also like to thank the 4,335 people who have signed our on-line petition so far. Without your support, it would have been much harder to convince Magenta Living that a housing development on the Proudman land is unacceptable.

But our campaign will not be over until the land is indeed used for the amenity of visitors to Bidston Hill, Bidston Lighthouse and Bidston Observatory.

We will post further updates as the campaign unfolds.

2 Replies to “Developer withdraws”

  1. This is excellent news, but everyone with interest in this fabulous wild space must still be vigilant. It shows that areas we expect to remain free and for public use can quickly be lost. Interesting that Magentas reason for withdrawing was nothing to do with the history of Bidston Hill’s ownership. Many thanks and well done to all the active campaigners.

  2. Excellent news. Somebody needs to try and get the hill “Community Asset” status. this will provide a certain level of protection from this sort of thing in the future.

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