About this campaign

Bidston Hill is under threat.

The Natural Environment Research Council are on the verge of selling the leasehold of the site of the former Joseph Proudman Building on Bidston Hill to a developer. The developer has entered into discussions with Wirral Council, who own the freehold of the land.

The land is within the curtilage of the Grade-II listed perimeter wall which encloses Bidston Observatory and Bidston Lighthouse, also Grade-II listed.

We believe that a new development on the Proudman land would:

  • irreversibly diminish the heritage value of the entire site – the Observatory, Lighthouse and perimeter wall;
  • undermine the re-invention of Bidston Observatory as an artistic research centre and museum, and Bidston Lighthouse as a visitor centre;
  • pave the way for further undesirable developments on Bidston Hill.

Instead, we want to see the land used for open air events for the enjoyment of the community and the amenity of visitors to Bidston Hill, Lighthouse and Observatory.

We are opposed to any new development on this land and urge Wirral Council and the Natural Environment Research Council to take whatever steps they can to see the land used for the amenity of visitors to Bidston Hill, Bidston Lighthouse and Bidston Observatory.

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